Daimler and Volvo joining to build new engines

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Daimler and Volvo joining to build new engines
Daimler and Volvo joins

Like other big carmakers, Daimler and Volvo an considering cooperation to cut the costs of developing combustion egnines. Volvo managers are in intial talk with Daimler, but here are still no concrete plans. The companies spokman said it is to earlz to talk about the projects of these to big firms.

The global trade war between China and the United States is forcing carmakers to seek new ways to cut and share costs. In October, Volvo said it would merge its engine development and manufacturing assets with those Geely (Geely own a 10% stake in the German carmaker), creating a division to supply in-house brands, and developing next generation combustion and hybrid engines.

Daimler and Volvo joining to build new engines

From other sources we found out that the new division fill start operating by the end of March 2020, which could be a possible starting point for cooperation with Daimler.

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