Legendary G-Class is transformed into a crazy off-roader

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Aggressive and subdued, Wald International pulls off the perfect look for Mercedes’ legendary G-Class.

The Mercedes G-Class got a reputation for being one of the toughest off-road vehicles on the planet. But with modest rolling stock and a lower ride height, it just doesn’t look the part. And even though most G-Class owners will never take their rides off the pavement, we feel like the right stance and set of wheels and tires does this rough-and-tumble Mercedes proper justice. And that’s something Wald International has achieved with their wicked-looking G-Class Sports Line Black Bison Edition. The brand new G class has been named one of the best Mercedes cars of the last decade.

The Japanese tuning company has been busy showing off their awesome creation on Instagram lately, and who can blame them? This lifted matte black G-Class is certainly a looker, if nothing else. The off-road look is pretty hot these days, and Wald’s Mercedes certainly achieves it in spades thanks to a suspension lift. And to fill up that newfound space, they added a set of giant 24″ wheels wrapped in seriously knobby rubber.

Mercedes G class

Wald could have certainly stopped there and had a pretty awesome machine. But they decided to go one step further and give this Mercedes G class a full blown body kit, too. The new parts were developed in-house and consist of a new bumper, hood, and massive fender flares that help cover the rubber. That last part is important, because not everyone is a fan of the “stanced” look. It’s also illegal to have tires stick out past your bodywork in many places. Mercedes blog.

Mercedes G class

Throw in a sixlet of exhaust tips out back, and you’ve got a pretty aggressive ride. And one that’s befitting of Mercedes’ legendary off-roader. Heck, we’re even fans of the subdued wheel design, which is a refreshing alternative to those insanely flashy looking giant wheels most vehicles wear. But the G-Class is a refined person’s off-roader, not some audacious, in-your-face abomination.

To that end, Wald pulled off a pretty impressive feat with this particular G-Class. It looks amazing and tough, without going completely overboard, as many similar builds often do. The changes and the tuning really fits the Mercedes G class spirit and for sure ads a high off-roading future on the G class.

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