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After Daimler officially announced the discontinuation of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Carlex Design gave its final salute to the luxury pickup truck by unveiling a number of new accessories for it.

The end of production of the X-Class pickup will come in May after just being in the market for only three years. Mercedes identified the unit as a “niche product” and cited economic feasibility as reasons for axing its production.

Via its subsidiary, Pickup Design, Carlex Design unveiled its packages for the X-Class, namely the Off-Road Final Edition and the Extreme Final Edition. Both are intended for the four-cylinder and V6 models of the auto.

The Off-Road Final Edition kit gives the pickup a red paint finish with custom extended flares, running boards, front grille, hood, skid plate, roof lamps, bed racks, and forged wheels. On the other hand, the Extreme Final Edition kit carries the same set of upgrades offered by the Off-Road kit but it gives the Merc a dark paint finish and a higher suspension.

The interior of the vehicle follows the same color scheme as its exterior, so its upholstery can either be had with red or black leather seats highlighted by special stitching. Moreover, the cabin takes plenty of carbon-fiber trim and custom dials for the instrument cluster.

Lastly, the X-Class receives Carlex Design and Final Edition badges in and out to remind everyone that what they are looking at is an exclusive version of it.

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