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Wolf: Mercedes is not to blame for the predictability in Formula 1

According to Sport Club, the executive director of Mercedes, Toto Wolf does not think that the Formula 1 championship is uninteresting because of his team.

“We must not even think that the title is already in our pocket. Everything can change quickly. We will never win, if we think that everything in the championship has been resolved and that we can already wait for December, when we will pick up the trophies from the FIA. Of course, the dominance of one team always seems strange – this is true now for Mercedes, as it probably was for Red Bull after 2010 or Ferrari at the beginning of the 21st century. But, the dominant team is not to blame for the predictability of the championship “, said Wolf.

Mercedes drivers Luis Hamilton and Valteri Botas have three victories in three races, at the start of the new season.


Norris: I’m sharp with myself, so I work harder

McLaren driver Lando Norris revealed that he is extremely self-critical, which is why he is always ready to work on his weaknesses.

The young Briton is in fourth place in the standings after three Formula 1 races – ahead of him are Louis Hamilton, Walter Botas and Max Ferstappen.

At the opening of the season in Austria, Norris found himself on the podium for the first time in his career.

“I’m often sharp with myself and that’s why I work harder. Before the season started, I worked on my weaknesses, I tried to become mentally stronger,” Lando said.

“I still enjoy it, I laugh, but now I dedicate more time to important things, and that is driving and racing.”

After the race for the Hungarian Grand Prix, Norris was photographed helping mechanics.

“I’ve done it several times, only so far the pictures have never ended up on social media. I’ve done it while driving a go-kart, but of course it’s different in Formula 1. I like to disassemble things, and when I do it with mechanics, It’s always fun. It’s good to work together. After all, what else could I do, watch movies … I prefer to be with the team. “

The next race will take place at Silverstone next weekend, with a broadcast on our channels.


Vettel: Give me a more competitive car, I’ll be on top

Sebastian Vettel is convinced that, if Ferrari provides him with a more competitive car, he will be at the level of Luis Hamilton.

The former world champion is in tandem with Charles Leclerc, with results far from the levels and reputation of the famous Italian team.

That is why malicious comments are already arriving about how a German should retire, even though he himself thinks completely differently.

“Give me an equally good car, like the others, and I’m sure no one will be in front of me,” said a slightly annoyed Vettel.

Former Mercedes boss Norbert Haug also got involved in the whole story, believing that Hamilton would not be so quick to get in a Ferrari car.

“Give Hamilton a Ferrari car and he won’t win, that’s for sure. So I think it would be a good decision for Vettel to move to Racing Point, which will be Aston Martin from next season. He will have a great car. The only limiting factor is Vettel’s desire to win the title with Ferrari, “said Haug.

Former car ace Ralph Schumacher thinks similarly.

“Vettel got the most out of a bad car. He manages to control it and is incomparably better than his teammate. And besides, he lags behind Mercedes the whole lap. Truth be told, the Mercedes car is better than last year, and even then it was another galaxy, compared to other competitors, ”said Schumacher.


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