Mercedes in North America is shutting down production of A and C class

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Mercedes is making an unpopular move due to the unfavorable financial situation in the world. Mercedes USA

Mercedes-Benz USA news

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the automotive industry and that is why the leading people of Mercedes have decided to save, and information is coming to us from Daimler that the production of A and C class will be stopped in the USA.

Recently, we also had news that salaries in Smart factories were reduced, they were put up for sale, and layoffs followed.

Daimler ended the second quarter in the red, this time the minus was 1.68 billion euros, mostly caused by the drop in demand for new cars, and the good news is that the C-Class will still survive in Alabama, and the A-Class in the Mexican plant.

“Our efforts to return to the profit side by reducing costs and adjusting production capacity will continue,” Mercedes chief Ola Kaellenius told Reuters.

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