Mercedes is recalling 135,000 cars from the market – Mercedes malfunction

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German carmaker Mercedes-Benz is expected to withdraw 135,000 cars from the market due to a possible malfunction in the air conditioning system.

“The Class A water condensate pipe, manufactured between September 2017 and February 2019, may be poorly installed, in which case water could enter the car’s interior,” said the parent company Daimler.

Mercedes recall – Mercedes malfunction

About 26,800 cars with a possible error were registered in Germany, and the rest abroad, according to the German Federal Traffic Administration.

Mercedes-Benz is also calling for the recall of 20,000 C-Class, GLC and AMG GT vehicles, manufactured between April 2018 and November 2019 due to a possible software malfunction.

There are, as it was announced, about 3,900 cars with such a mistake in Germany. In both cases, the fault could be fixed in half an hour, Daimler pointed out..

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